Stormwater Drain for DG Alliance

UEA has been contracted to undertake the relocation of a DN750 trunk water main in Huntley Street, Alexandria as a part of the Green Square Stormwater Drain Project. The turnkey scope of works under UEA’s W3 Sydney water accreditation has involved the trenchless construction of 55 metres of laser guided GBM DN1050 steel enveloper pipe at seven meters to invert depth, in water charged alluvial ground conditions to accommodate the new DN750 MSCL sintakote pipework.

During the construction activities, 24 hour a day de-watering has been required to control the water ingress from the Alexandria Canal, under which the new pipe work construction has been tunneled.

The pre-fabricated MSCL bends have been fully welded to AS 1554:2000 and concrete encased back to the tie in points on the existing main, before being cut over by UEA’s civil teams who worked a scheduled roster of 12hr day and night shifts over a four day shutdown period.

The project involves the construction of a  two kilometre underground stormwater drain pipeline from Epsom Road in Zetland to the existing stormwater system at Alexandra Canal in Alexandria.
 The work is part of the plan to provide stormwater services to accommodate growth and development in the Green Square area. This is a key part of our commitment to urban renewal and our Liveable Cities strategy.

 The new stormwater drain will significantly reduce flooding both in and around the Green Square Town Centre during torrential rain – particularly at Joynton Avenue and on Botany Road.

Sydney Water and the City of Sydney have formed the DG Alliance with UGL Engineering, Seymour Whyte Constructions, Parsons Brinckerhoff and RPS Manidis Roberts to build the stormwater drain.
Detailed design continues for some sections of the stormwater drain. The new drain is being built using open trenching and microtunnelling across multiple locations simultaneously.
 Construction started in May 2015 and is expected to be completed by mid 2018.

Read more about the essential stormwater drain work here.

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