City Beach Ocean Outfall Project Award

After the successful completion of a number of submarine cable projects across Australia, UEA has been awarded another ocean outfall project in Perth, Western Australia. This portion of works provides the critical link for the new international subsea cable system identified as the Oman Australia Cable (OAC) that will directly connect Muscat, Oman to Perth, Australia. The cable system will provide a new route for communications traffic between Australia and Western Asia, significantly improving connectivity and strengthening links into fast-growing markets.

APX Partners, as part of a consortium, has engaged UEA to construct a new underground access chamber/manhole and bore two new underground telecommunications conduits under the near shore environment for approximately 720 metres west to the seabed. The works are scheduled to commence in October 2020 and conclude early December 2020.

As part of the works, UEA will be required to complete the following activities:

  • carry out the HDD and Beach Manhole Design;
  • carry out all local permitting and approvals;
  • carry out all state-based approvals including in regards to COVID-19 restrictions;
  • establish a site compound and drill site;
  • mobilise 150t HDD rig and support equipment;
  • carry out horizontal directional drilling works; 
  • carry out all diving and marine support works;
  • construct an underground steel reinforced concrete access chamber/manhole; and
  • restore the site in accordance with the local council standards.

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