Factory Acceptance Testing completed on new Drilling Fluid Recycling System

UEA is very proud to announce the completion of Factory Acceptance Testing on our new Drilling Fluid Recycling System, destined for use alongside one of our maxi rigs and support equipment.

A special collaboration between Derrick Australia, Drilling Fluid Equipment (DFE) and UEA, this 40’ containerised unit has been designed for maximum aboveground storage, rapid establishment and high-volume fluid processing within a condensed footprint. Equipped with state-of-the-art Derrick Hyperpool shakers and desilt package complementing DFE’s bulletproof tank design and paint finishes, this is a unit that will provide decades of use within our HDD fleet.

With a high degree of focus on HSEQ outcomes, this unit can be set up on site without the need for complex crane lifts or working at heights, needing only two placements via our UEA owned sideloading semi-trailers. This provides better outcomes for our staff and clients allowing simple, safe and efficient mobilisation and demobilisation activities.

Keep your eyes peeled for this unit across Sydney NSW, as we embark on a series of complex HDDs for repeat major clients.

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