UEA’s Trenchless Division Takes Delivery of the New Gallagher 660 HDD Rig

UEA’s Trenchless Division has taken delivery of its new Gallagher 660 HDD Rig, designed and built in Australia by Gallagher Engineering on the Gold Coast. With the increasing demand for larger diameter pipes over longer distances, the addition of the new 300 tonne pullback machine to UEA’s existing fleet of HDD rigs ensures the company is more than capable to meet the growing demands of the infrastructure boom currently underway in Sydney.

The machine is a self-contained unit – the power pack is incorporated into the rig set up, ensuring that it can be mobilised into sites much easier than units with separate power packs. Distances in excess of 1.5 kilometres can be easily achieved subject to the pipe diameter required and ground conditions likely to be encountered. UEA expects the rig to be initially utilised for installing large diameter water mains that are currently requiring re-locating as part of the huge infrastructure expansion being undertaken in Sydney. 

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