UEA’s Trenchless Division completes a package of work for the Kooragang Industrial Water Scheme (KWIS)

In August 2013, UEA’s Trenchless Division was awarded a Design and Construct package of works for Hunter Water Corporation as part of the ‘Kooragang Industrial Water Scheme (KWIS).

The KWIS project provides 9ML per day of high quality recycled water to industrial users in the Kooragang Island area to substitute the use of drinking water in manufacture. The Scheme involves construction of a new Advanced Water Treatment Plant and a 7.5km product water delivery pipeline.

UEA Trenchless completed 2.92km of DN400 PN16 fully welded PE pipe from the new treatment plant in the Steel River Estate, Mayfield West, to midway along Cormorant Road, Kooragang Island. The majority of the project was achieved using Trenchless Technology.

The scope of works consisted of:

  • Three Horizontal Directional Drill (HDD) shots (470 metres, 610 metres & 460 metres), including one beneath the Hunter River
  • One Guided Bore installation, including steel casing installation
  • A 56 metre casing installation for the Hunter River crossing
  • Slip lining of approximately 600 metres of existing 500mm cast iron mains
  • Conventional open-cut works including fittings, final connections, flushing and testing

The newly installed main was pressure-tested, swabbed and flushed. It passed water sample testing with no issues and was connected to the treatment plant ahead of schedule.

Overall crews, subcontractors, suppliers and Hunter Water worked together in an efficient partnership to contribute to the success of this water treatment project that will have an ongoing environmental impact on the Hunter region.

Details of UEA Trenchless technology is available here, or you can contact us for specific information about the KWIS project.

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