UEA Trenchless Division Commences Cable Infrastructure Reconstruction Project at Beaumont NSW using HDD

This month, UEA Trenchless Division will commence a significant Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) project at Moss Vale Road at Beaumont, a town adjacent to the tourist destination Kangaroo Valley in the Illawarra region of New South Wales.

In response to the ongoing risks of service disruption and maintenance costs associated with the area’s aging overhead infrastructure, the local electrical authority is replacing the existing cables. UEA Trenchless was awarded the project, which is scheduled to take five weeks.

The area targeted for cable renewal has an undulating ground surface, characterised by mature trees and dense undergrowth. New infrastructure is required to reduce the likelihood of faults in this section of the network, often caused by the proximity of vegetation to the overhead cables.

The underground installation consists of approximately 700m in length, broken up into two HDD lengths of 480m and 200m with a short section of trenching connecting the two underbores.

UEA Trenchless will install the new conduits using Trenchless technology. This approach will reduce construction issues, speed project completion and avoid impacts on the environment.

Two 140mm PE PN12.5 conduits will be installed through each HDD, one of which will house the 11kV feeder cable.

The 480m bore will be elevated approximately 50m over its distance. This solution was a result of design input from the UEA Trenchless Division, to ensure that the underbore could be completed with minimal risk.

For more details about the Moss Vale Road project, or for information about UEA Trenchless’ accreditation status, phone 02 9851 3000 or email us for a quick response.

Other topics of relevance to your project or field of interest may include our Health and Safety Statement. From this page, links to UEA’s Environment and Quality Management are also available.

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