UEA Trenchless Completes 200m 132 kV HDD Crossing in Sydney’s Inner Western Suburbs

UEA Trenchless has completed construction of a vital crossing as a part of a major infrastructure upgrade for a Sydney power authority in inner West Sydney. The project is preventative and has been scheduled to meet the requirement of replacing key cables supplying power to Sydney’s inner western suburbs before they become unreliable.

Work has been completed on the 4 x 200m HDD installations under a large tidal stormwater culvert in a sensitive local community environment. The installation was undertaken using the 9.8T Ditch Witch AT3020 through partial rock ground conditions.

Installation of the crossing was the first construction activity of the major 132kV project that connects two substations in Western Sydney and is critical to successful completion of the overall project and route selection validation.

The most significant challenge overcome by UEA Trenchless during this project was the difficult and unpredictable ground conditions and the tidal nature of the water charged ground.

The project comprised:

  • Four separate parallel HDD under bores of 200m each
  • 3 x 225mm PE
  • 1 x 110mm PE and trenched transitions to PVC concrete encased conduits.

Project management was carried out in close consultation with the client and local government to ensure stakeholders and community members were kept informed about construction activities.

For more information about the technology applied by UEA Trenchless, visit our web pages dedicated to this topic. To find out more details about the 132 kV HDD Crossing project, please contact us

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