UEA completes Horizontal Directional Drilling Project for Endeavour Energy

The UEA Trenchless division has recently completed a Horizontal Directional Drilling project for Endeavour Energy at Claremont Meadows, Western Sydney. A new dedicated 11KV feeder was installed from the recently constructed Claremont Meadows Zone Substation. New ducting was required to allow the 11KV new feeder cables to be developed to the various points in the 11KV network.

The project required the installation of new underground conduits via directional drilling and the installation of a new dedicated HV feeder cable along O’Connell St, crossing the Great Western Highway and finishing at French Street. The location of the new duct and cable works is highlighted in red on Figure 1 below.

Multiple issues were overcome to complete this Horizontal Directional Drilling project including:
• directional boring under primary and secondary gas mains;
• crossing under the Great Western Highway; and
• high traffic and pedestrian flow due to the close proximity to the University of Western Sydney.

These obstacles were managed effectively with programing and pre-planning in conjunction with the RTA and a Safety Management Study workshop with Jemena. Floating rock shelves rather than solid rock also caused delays due to tooling damage and severe storms in the area hampered the progress of the directional boring crews. Despite these predicaments works were completed within the allotted time period to the satisfaction of Endeavour Energy.

UEA used a variety of directional drilling units to install approximately 1,150metres of 6 x 140mm and 2 x 63mm PE conduits.

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