North Shore Pressure Sewerage Scheme

Port Macquarie Hastings Council has committed to undertaking the installation of a pressure sewerage system for the NSW mid-north coast area of North Shore, referred to as the North Shore Pressure Sewerage Scheme. North Shore is an area on the northern side of the Hastings River from Port Macquarie with approximately 700 residents.

North Shore is not served by a sewage collection system or centralised sewage treatment plant (STP). All wastewater generated in the town is currently treated and disposed of by on-site systems. In most cases these systems consist of septic tanks and absorption disposal trenches. In some cases a collection (sullage) tank is used, requiring regular pump-out by a service contractor.

In order to transfer the collected wastewater from the northern side of the Hastings River to the existing Port Macquarie Sewerage System, a pumping main will run from a pump station in the road reserve at the intersection of Maria River Road and Shoreline Drive, along Riverside Drive and across the Hastings River via an underbore.

UEA will mobilise drilling equipment to both sides of the river. The majority will be contained within a compound on the northern side as a means of limiting impact on local residents and the holiday park. It is anticipated that the under river pipeline will be installed at a depth of around 25m below the river bed, but this will be subject to a detailed design review based on the available geotechnical information and hydraulic requirements. The river crossing is approximately 525m long.

The North Shore Sewerage Scheme will include individual property collection and grinder pump unit systems (‘on-property’ works), pressure reticulation sewerage system throughout North Shore (with sufficient capacity for future re-zoning and infill development), and a main sewage booster pump station and rising main to the Port Macquarie Sewerage System.

The system has been designed to cater for the 283 current with capacity for the expected 331 ultimate future connections. There are currently 7 oyster processing sites which will need pre-treatment by the owner (classed as a trade waste), before they can connect to the pressure sewerage system.

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