Emerald Hills Project

UEA Trenchless has successfully completed the installation of 470 metres of DN355 PN16 Sewer Rising Main for the Emerald Hills wastewater project, as a part of Sydney Water’s growth serving plan. The Emerald Hills wastewater project involved the construction of a new pumping station and an additional two kilometres of trunk mains to feed the new developments in Emerald Hills and the surrounding area.

UEA Trenchless utilised the D100x120 drill rig to complete the continuous bore shot in shale ground conditions, reaching 13 metres in depth at the deepest point. This underbore was tracked using walk over techniques where the bore is monitored and tracked using the DigiTrak F5 locating system. This system utilises a sonde (transmitter) located in the drill rods that communicates with a handheld receiver on the surface to determine depth, position and pitch.

For more details on this project or to learn more about UEA’s horizontal directional drilling projects, contact the Trenchless team at trenchless@uea.com.au or call us on 02 9851 3000.

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