Coogee to Alexandria Communications Project

UEA Pty Ltd has recently been awarded the construction of 9 kilometres of communications conduits and associated civils works from Coogee to Alexandria.

With a new fibre optic cable being laid from overseas and reaching Australian soil at Coogee, a new conduit is required from the location where the fibre exits the ocean on the south side of Coogee beach to a new data centre that was recently built in Alexandria.

The route the new conduit will take requires crossing major Sydney roads including Anzac Parade, Southern Cross Drive, Gardeners Road, O’Riordan Street and along Bourke Road. These roads are major arterial routes for both transport as well as existing utilities including high voltage electricity, high pressure gas and major fibre optic networks. The planning of the proposed alignment and conduit depths requires significant upfront investigation and ongoing consultation with the existing utility providers.

UEA expects to encounter differing ground conditions along the 9,000 metre route – a combination of Sydney sandstone and sand (most likely water charged). It is anticipated that bore lengths will range from 50 metres up to 245 metres. UEA will utilise three different HDD rigs to accommodate for the changing ground conditions and lengths to best achieve the scope – a Vermeer 60×90, a DitchWitch AT4020 and a DitchWitch AT3020.

The construction is planned to run from March 2017 to July 2017 with the communications company installing the new fibre optic later in the year.

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