Where accuracy and grade are critical, tunnelling is the solution. UEA currently offers two tunnelling techniques – guided boring and thrust boring.

GUIDED BORING (Pilot Tube Microtunnelling)

The Guided Boring System can either be used on its own or in conjunction with an auger boring system. This method is most suitable in displaceable or softer soils.

Pilot tube microtunnelling is an on-grade pilot hole system, capable of installing casing pipes up to 1500mm in diameter and, subject to diameter and ground type, up to 120 metres in length.

This technique is predominantly used to install steel casings, inside of which the utilities carrier pipe is installed.

THRUST BORING (Auger Boring)

Thrust boring is one of the oldest forms of trenchless technology. Whilst the methodology has its limitations, it still remains one of the most cost-effective forms of trenchless technology. Both distance and diameter requirements, combined with ground conditions, dictate installation capability.

Suitable for shorter bores, this technology provides a simple and cost-effective solution as an alternative to conventional construction techniques such as open cut.

Tunnelling Projects

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