Thrust Boring

UEA has been undertaking thrust boring (or auger boring) projects for more than 12 years. This method of installing underground utilities is one of the oldest and most basic forms of trenchless technology. The technology is limited to lengths of up to 50 metres so short projects of large diameter are typically suited to thrust boring, including water mains, storm-water, sewer or multiple banks of conduits.

UEA Trenchless offers the following thrust boring services and capabilities:

  • Installation of steel casing from 300mm up to 1500mm to accommodate the appropriate carrier pipes (depending on machine size)
  • All utilities catered for including oil and gas pipelines
  • On grade boring capability
  • Civil works associated with the tunnelling installation
  • Multi conduit installations
  • Installation and grouting of carrier pipes
  • Most ground conditions catered for

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