Microtunneling (also spelt microtunnelling) is currently the most accurate pipeline installation method available to the civil construction industry. Line and grade tolerances of +/- 25mm/one inch are the microtunneling industry standard.  UEA specialises in Pilot Tube Microtunneling using a Laser Guided Boring Machine (GBM).

Pilot Tube Microtunneling

The pilot tube microtunneling system can be used on its own or in conjunction with an auger boring system.

Pilot tube microtunneling is an on grade pilot hole system capable of installing pipes up to 1200mm in diameter and, subject to diameter and ground type, up to 120m in length. The technique is predominantly used to install casing pipes on grade.

When the pilot tube is being installed it displaces the soil as it is thrust forward and must be used in displaceable soil. This system is most suitable for ground condition up to 10Mpa.

UEA Trenchless offers the following pilot tube microtunneling services and capabilities:

  • Carrier pipe directly installed up to 600mm diameter
  • Steel casing sleeves installed up to 1500mm
  • Installation distances up to 120m (subject to diameter and ground type)
  • All utilities catered for
  • Civil works associated with the tunneling installation
  • On grade boring capability