Railway Terrace, Schofields NSW


UEA’s Trenchless Division successfully completed three 18 metre bores beneath services for OHL-York JV in hard rock ground conditions at Railway Terrace in Schofields NSW.

In May 2016 UEA was contracted to bore and install one DN900 and two DN600 steel enveloper pipes at various levels and align from one launch pit beneath services at Railway Terrace. The works consisted of setting up the auger boring equipment at three separate settings from one launch pit.

UEA used the McLaughlin Auger Boring Machine with a specially designed tungsten carbide tipped drill head to install the steel enveloper pipes.

The bores were successfully completed to the correct alignment and grade on 10th May 2016.

Scope of Works

The scope of works involved the supply and installation of 36 metres of DN600 mild steel enveloper pipe in two bores and 18 metres of DN900 from one large launch pit at different grades and alignments, facilitating the installation and connection of DN375 & DN600 SCL pipes.

Technical Details

The geotechnical information provided indicated the ground conditions varied from 60Mpa to 150Mpa.

Project Completion

The project was a success, with UEA completing all bores on the correct grade and alignment and then completing the project within one week of commencement on Tuesday 10th May 2016.


Completed installation of the steel enveloper pipes in rock ground
Completed installation of the steel enveloper pipes in rock ground