Picnic Point Critical Main Renewal

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Project Overview

Ongoing breakages in the sole rigid pipe feeding Picnic Point resulted in concerns by both residents and the local water authority, and ultimately deemed the line eligible for an upgrade to provide a long term solution.

Scope of Works

The installation of the 128 metres of potable main was installed in separate techniques:

  • Stage 1: 100 metres of 180PE PN16 drilled under state roadway
  • Stage 2: 18 metres of 180PE installed with open-cut trench
  • Stage 3: 10 metres of DN200 DICL installed in-situ with open-cut trench and connection

As works were subject to a system shutdown, and in order to minimise impact on residents, UEA had a narrow window to re-lay and connect the newly installed and tested pipeline. To mitigate the impact on residents throughout the shutdown period, UEA coordinated water tankers to supply certain areas affected by the shutdown.


UEA was given a preliminary design by the client, and in consultation with internal designers, UEA fine-tuned the design to meet all relevant criteria of the main renewal.

Technical Details

All other pipe, fittings, structures and associated installations were constructed to their given technical drawings and, in particular, to water authority standards and project specific details.


  • Drilling in rock
  • Water supply to residents via tankers
  • Concrete encasement and other works on line not recorded
  • FIFM
  • Management of ground water
  • Existing assets had failure points in network
  • Restrictions on shutdown for connection