Electrical Upgrade – Moss Vale Road, Beaumont

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In June 2014, UEA Trenchless Division commenced works on a significant Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) project at Moss Vale Road at Beaumont, a town land adjacent to the tourist destination Kangaroo Valley in the Illawarra region of New South Wales.

In response to the ongoing risks of service disruption and maintenance costs associated with the area’s aging overhead infrastructure, the local electrical authority is replacing the existing cables. UEA Trenchless was awarded the project, which was scheduled to take five weeks.

Scope of Works

The original design of the underground installation consisted of conduits approximately 680m in length, broken up into two under bores with lengths of 480m and 200m, and a short section of overhead cable connecting the two under bores.


1. Design

For the 480m under bore UEA amended the design so that the Vermeer D100 x 120 drill rig would sit at the lower end of the under bore as opposed to the higher side of the bore. The reason this design change was necessary was to reduce the build-up of pressure in the bore.

2. Construction

Construction of the shorter bore was completed as per the design with no issues within the programmed duration. Construction of the longer bore was completed within the programmed duration. The challenges overcome on this bore are further detailed below.


During the pilot for the longer bore it became apparent that due to ground conditions the bore could not be constructed as per the original design. UEA stopped works and in consultation with their client came up with an alternate design. This alternate design consisted of increasing the length of the bore by moving the drill rig 50m further down the hill thus allowing the bore to be at a constant positive grade. The revised design allowed the bore to be completed successfully through problematic conditions.


  • UEA completed walkover tracking  of the under bore through undulating ground surface and dense undergrowth which had to be removed in location
  • Even though challenging ground conditions encountered on the longer bore caused a delay with a new design being required, UEA completed the project within the programmed duration.


The attached photographs show the dense undulating ground surface and dense undergrowth through which both bores were tracked.