Canberra Sewer Main Replacement Project

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Project Overview

Canberra is well known for its tree-lined streets and parks. Whilst this adds character to the suburbs it creates havoc on the sewer mains. Canberra is also historically a very dry city, meaning the tree roots search for the nearest water source – in most cases this is the sewer main. This tends to leave the mains in such a state of disrepair that lining is not a viable alternative. For many years, ActewAGL worked with UEA to solve this problem with a large majority of the works completed using pipe bursting technology.

Scope of Works

ActewAGL regularly monitored areas at risk for sewer back log, which are then highlighted as areas that require renewal. Once a drawing was issued UEA visited the site and assessed the impact on the residents and the community. A work method statement was developed and sewer bypass plans were provided for areas of high flow. At all times residents were informed of the intended works via three week and three day warning systems.

UEA utilised both hydraulic and pneumatic bursting equipment, depending on the situational requirements. Canberra ground is notoriously hard and the combination available ensured that most situations were dealt with adequately. All runs were CCTV’d prior to the work commencing, with all junctions marked on the ground. The CCTV report also provided an opportunity to assess the main for dips or potential installation issues that could be dealt with up front. All junctions were replaced with a combination of PVC and polyethylene back to the resident boundary or inspection cover. Upon completion the new main was CCTV’d and all areas were restored to the original state.