Pipe Bursting

UEA Trenchless has been using pipe bursting technology for the rehabilitation of sewer mains and reticulation assets since 1996.

Over the past 14 years UEA has successfully rehabilitated over 100 kilometres of vitreous clay sewer pipes with 150mm diameter polyethylene pipe lines and is currently completing 6-8 kilometres of 150mm pipe per year. UEA has also been using pipe bursting technology to replace damaged storm water and water mains.

Pipe bursting is an eco-friendly trenchless pipe laying method which replaces the existing host pipe by displacing their fragments into surrounding soil while simultaneously pulling in the new product pipe. As long as the parent material is something that will fracture under impact or mechanical pressure then it can be replaced using pipe bursting.

UEA Trenchless offers the following pipe bursting services and capabilities:

  • Pneumatic and Hydraulic pipe bursting installations
  • Installation sizes from 100mm to 250mm
  • Size for size replacements without loss of internal diameter or invert levels
  • Upsizing capabilities from 100mm to 150mm and 150mm to 250mm
  • Installation distances up to 100 metres
  • The only true long-term renovation of mains
  • Re-connection to house ties, manholes and back to boundary replacement where required

Visit the Technical Centre to learn more about Pipe Bursting.