UEA Trenchless Completes GBM/Thrust Bore Project

Port Botany NSW is one of the busiest ports in Australia. As part of its expansion, ELGAS required a new LPG gas main be installed across Charlottes Road.

UEA’s client was required to design and install the new LPG gas main ELGAS, and during the design phase it became obvious trenchless technology was the best option for this project.

After further investigation, the tight tolerance (plus or minus 25mm) clearly indicated that the project was suitable for a guided boring machine and steel encasement installation.

UEA Trenchless were contracted to undertake a 120 metre guided bore and install a 457mm OD steel case enveloper pipe – inside of which a secondary PE enveloper pipe would be installed and ELGAS LPG steel pipeline installed inside the PE.

UEA used its Akkerman Laser Guide Boring Machine (GBM) to install the pilot bore. Ground conditions were such that the conventional laser guided process could not be adopted. UEA adapted the GBM to complete the bore using conventional walkover tracking system as used every day with HDD. The bore was completed within the required tolerances and the steel encasing pipe installed within 4 days. Throughout the whole process, UEA had to handle nearly 860,000 litres of ground water per day.

The client was delighted with UEA’s capabilities to overcome issues and was very satisfied with the completed works. The LPG Pipeline installed was commissioned and commenced operation 10th November.

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