Tunnel Works Job Story

UEA will continue with ongoing works in the Northwest of Sydney as part of the new tunnel network being constructed, which aims to ease traffic and congestion in the area. This large project is being run by one of Australia’s biggest civil contracting companies in conjunction with an international expert company.

UEA’s awarded work consists of one thrust bore, approximately 35 metres to cross between an adit and principal tunnel. There are a further seven ‘free’ bores being drilled between tunnels sitting between 10-15 metres above each other, with a combination of guided boring and horizontal drilling technologies, of which two were completed at the end of July.

Like any construction project, all personnel are expected to be alert and knowledgeable when challenging situations arise. This includes, but is not limited to:

  • Drilling at significantly steep grades. With consideration to site requirements and general safe work practices, UEA utilised a range of plant and machine to safely drill and install conduits
  • Assisting in design and excavation of launch and receival pits to meet design, spatial and safety restrictions
  • Regular co-ordination of deliveries, cranes, traffic control and surveyors in conjunction with both the client as well as other subcontractors
  • Accelerated completion date as requested by client. UEA utilised a range of options to deliver the project in a quicker timeline with minimal financial impact to the client.

UEA’s thrust boring crew has endeavoured to meet all project deadlines and challenges, and to comply with all HSEQ requirements. UEA has taken on a challenging project requiring our team’s knowledge and expertise in order to utilise a range of innovative techniques to safely deliver the first stage of works.

For more details on this project or UEA’s civil construction projects, contact the Civil team at projectcivil@uea.com.au, or call us on 02 9672 4456.

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