At the completion of the reaming process the bore hole is swabbed with the reamer to remove any excess cuttings that remain in the bore hole. In most cases the product pipe to be installed is strung out on the exit side of the bore & preferably parallel to the line of installation so that the friction angle on entry is reduced in the bore hole.

The product pipe is then attached to the rear end of the reamer via a pulling head and a swivel. The polyethylene/steel pipe can be attached to the swivel either by mechanical means or welded onto the pulling head. Once the pullback commences the drill head and drill string is rotated and pulled towards the rig. In order to avoid the rotation of the new product pipe inside the bore, the swivel assembly rotates only and the pipe slides inside the lubricated bore hole without interference. When the product pipe is moving towards the drill rig, it is vital that the fluid returns are running in either direction of the entry or exit pits to prevent a frac out.