Terrain Leveling Attachment

The terrain leveling attachment is a rotating ground engagement tool that uses an array of picks to break the rock into a 150mm down aggregate. The attachment can raise, lower and, with some equipment, tilt independently of the tractor. This means that cross-falls can be milled perpendicular to the direction of travel. The ground engagement tool is widest section of the whole machine, allowing milling against vertical walls.

Pick changes can be performed quite quickly and safely. The drum has a wireless remote that sits in a cradle located inside the cabin. When the remote is removed from the cradle the machines cabin controls are isolated. This is to ensure that the machine is unable to be operated while a pick change or service is being performed, in addition to the operator not leaving the remote on the ground when they have finished the pick change. The machine is equipped with an Operator Presence system. The machine will be disabled when the operator is not sitting in the seat. This is a safety feature designed into the machine to ensure that there is no unplanned movement of the machine.