SC900 Site Controller Software

SCS900 is a system used to preview the site designs and inspect every aspect of them prior to processing as well as pick up the completed surface for analysis in the office. The unit is mounted in the supervisor’s vehicle and displays the position of the vehicle relative to the design boundaries and the design depth. The SCS900 spots small problems immediately they occur and stops them developing into major issues. The SCS900 removes the need for a surveyor to check design issues or measure job quality.

Mine Management Software

UEA Civil & Mining uses Maptek Vulcan to create pit designs. These designs are layers of the pit at a specified depth, usually between 250 and 400mm. These layers are referred to as “flitch’s”. Slopes are designed into the edges of these designs to create batters. Berms are designed in at designated intervals.

Site Vision Office is used to transfer the files into a format understood by the GCS900. These design files can be combined with grid lines drawn in Vulcan to assist supervisors in determining and communicating the optimum method for pit processing. SVO incorporates wireless data transfer of flitch’s and production data to and from the machine. Machine position and production is transmitted in real time.

Trimble business centre is used to analyze the machine production in any time frame that the used wants. Production data is segregated and recorded per hour, per machine per pit and per flitch.

Site Vision Office

Site Vision office is the software used to manage the Trimble GCS900 and SCS900 units. This system can translate the designs created in Vulcan to a format understood by the GCS900 and SCS900 systems. Site Vision Office can apply Geoid models to these designs specific to their location to enhance accuracy. Site Vision Office can transmit designs and receive production data in real time.

Trimble Business Centre

Trimble Business Centre is the system used to analyze the production data received from Site Vision office numerically rather than visually. Site Vision office can filter the production data received from the machines by specific machine, specific design and timeline. It can export this data as a “pick up” of the bottom surface sent by the machine.

Trimble Business Centre simply subtracts this new surface created by the base of the drum from the previous surface to measure the volume between the two surfaces. This is the amount of production.

Trimble Business Centre recognizes the design files and production data used by SVO and can evaluate the production through volumetric subtraction.