UEA Trenchless Completes 200m 132 kV HDD Crossing in Sydney’s Inner Western Suburbs

UEA Trenchless has completed construction of a vital crossing as a part of a major infrastructure upgrade for a Sydney power authority in inner West Sydney. The project is preventative and has been scheduled to meet the requirement of replacing key cables supplying power to Sydney’s inner western suburbs before they become unreliable.

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UEA Trenchless Reaches the Half Way Point on the Priority Sewerage Program (PSP) Appin Wastewater Scheme

UEA Trenchless has successfully reached the revised half way point of transfer main installation works and is well on the way to having the directional drilling works for the PSP Appin Wastewater Scheme completed on time. Further to the contract works awarded earlier this year UEA has been asked to undertake an additional 2,006 metres of directional drilling due to changes in design requirements as well as several areas of environmental sensitivity.

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