Gosford Pipe Bursting Package

Project Overview

UEA was awarded a Design and Construct Pipe Bursting package for a local council in the Central Coast of New South Wales, 1.5 hours north of Sydney. The work was spread over five sites throughout the region and included the supply of all materials, design and construction of new water mains using trenching and pipe bursting methods. More specifically, works included, but were not limited to: • Preparation and submission of detailed designs for acceptance by the principal • Replacement of five pipe bursting sites with lengths of 120m, 190m, 277m, 195m and 370m • Installation of 84 new copper services from the new main to the property water • Installation of 13 new mains connection points


Various suburbs, Central Coast NSW


Potable water


Gosford City Council


462 metres of 180mm & 684 metres of 125mm


Polyethylene PN16 – 125mm and 180mm


Pipe bursting


The design process involved several meetings with the Council’s operational staff, ensuring that UEA could design and construct a system with the client’s genuine input and ultimately providing a smooth and swift approval process. The design process also allowed for UEA to utilise its TT Grundoburst 800G for the works.

Before each pipe bursting operation commenced the Council shut down each water main for approximately five hours, during which time UEA also installed all connection details. The connection detail involved installing hydrants and isolation points on either end of the project. Temporary mains were installed to maintain water supply to all residents impacted by the main being taken out of service. Once the temporary main was made live, the existing main between the isolation points was shut down and the pipe bursting process of replacing the old main commenced. Upon completion of this process each house service was connected to the new main. Tees, additional hydrants and link ups were also completed. All new mains were then tested, cleaned, flushed and commissioned.


UEA has a commitment to protecting the environment, and managing the potential environmental impacts from the Water Mains Renewals Package was top priority. UEA provided an Environmental Management Plan for the project highlighting potential environmental risks presented by the project and the relevant risk mitigation and management procedures. UEA also created site specific Sediment Control Plans for the five locations, identifying key areas to be affected by the works and associated control measures.

The newly installed main was pressure-tested, swabbed, flushed and ultimately passed water sample testing, meeting all applicable standards without issue. Overall, UEA’s management and crew worked in conjunction with all stakeholders to provide a successful and environmentally sustainable project.

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