UEA Wins Pipe Bursting Design and Construct Contract

UEA Trenchless has recently been awarded a design and construct pipe bursting contract in South East Queensland. UEA will renew 1100m of 150mm AC/PVC sewer rising main with 250mm PE PN16 using pipe bursting methods. The contract also includes the construction of a discharge manhole at the end of the line.

The existing main has been temporarily by-passed as sections of the main have started to deteriorate and collapse requiring full replacement. Pipe bursting has been chosen as the preferred method for a number of reasons:

  • Close proximity to two schools;
  • High pedestrian flow;
  • Working close to main roads;
  • The possibility of working in contaminated ground; and
  • The possibility of ground water.

The design stage is currently underway which includes identifying the alignment and depth of the current main as well as identifying any utilities in its vicinity. Construction will start in January 2013 during school holidays with the entire construction phase programmed for completion mid-February and commissioned by March 2013.

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