UEA Expands Pipe Bursting Capabilities

UEA Trenchless has recently purchased two new pipe bursting machines – a Grundoburst 800G and a Vermeer/Hammerhead 50T Hydraulic burster with power pack. Pipe bursting is an eco friendly trenchless technology that replaces the existing host pipe by displacing its fragments into surrounding soil while simultaneously pulling in the new product pipe of the same or larger diameter into the void created.

The Grundoburst 800G pipe bursting rig is ideal for replacing 150mm – 300mm diameter pipe with 160mm – 335mm PE up to 140 metres in length. Along with this new pipe bursting equipment, UEA has acquired a range of accessories including different sized expanding heads, blade cutting head and roller cutters.

UEA has recently been awarded multiple larger diameter pipe bursting contracts which saw the need to expand the current range of equipment to include this hydraulic burster. With the power pack set up on a crane truck, UEA has the ablility to operate the burster up to 40 metres from the truck. The Grundoburst 800G uses patented TT interlocking rods which are designed to be lighter and safer.

The second purchase – a Vermeer/Hammerhead 50T Hydraulic burster with power pack – gives UEA the capabilty to burst 100mm and 150mm mains. The power pack is small enough to be transported into backyards and other restricted sites by an excavator. This pipe bursting rig uses one metre long screw on bursting rods which are designed to handle sweeping bends, encrusted lines and long burst lengths. The ability to remove a rod mid way through a line, means that the rods do not need to be cut if a problem arises.

Pipe bursting technology can be used to replace size for size, slip lining smaller diameter pipe or upsizing to a larger diameter pipe. To learn more about pipe bursting visit the UEA Technical Centre or contact Jordan Moeser.

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