UEA Trenchless Purchase Pilot Tube Microtunneling Unit

UEA Trenchless has recently taken delivery of an Akkerman Guided Boring Machine (GBM) also known as a pilot tube microtunneling unit. The unit is a 240A which comprises of a single stage frame with a 48” (1,219 mm) stroke cylinder for smooth continuous advancement. When used as a standalone unit, the 240A jacking frame gives UEA the ability to install up to 610mm outside diameter (OD). It can also be used in conjunction with our existing auger boring rigs which gives UEA the capability to install up to 1080mm using this method.

Pilot tube microtunneling using a GBM offers customers extended and accurate drive lengths in various ground conditions. The GBM provides the spoil removal process of the auger boring machine and the same level of accuracy as traditional laser guided microtunneling —all in one compact, multifaceted system.

Pipe installation involves a three-step process where launch and reception shafts are strategically located to minimise surface disruption. The GBM is used in conjunction with a theodolite guidance system to provide accurate pipe installation in displaceable soil under 50 blow count.


  • Laser guidance accuracy for auger boring, pipe ramming and HDD installations
  • Drive lengths up to 120m (depending on ground conditions)
  • Diameters of 400mm up to 1080mm
  • Ideally suited to displaceable ground conditions
  • Soil Blow Count < N=50

This machine has achieved accuracy of plus or minus 10mm on recent microtunneling projects including the installation/lowering of new water mains under the Gold Coast Highway for the new Rapid Transit Light Rail System currently being constructed. If you have a project that requires accuracy without the complexity of a full slurry set up, this is an ideal unit.

UEA’s tunneling division specialises in:

  • Slurry Microtunneling TBM
  • Pilot Tube Microtunneling GBM
  • Auger Boring / Thrust Boring
  • Pipe Jacking
  • Pipe Ramming

Whichever trenchless construction method you require UEA has the equipment and the expertise to deliver your project, for more information please email trenchless@uea.com.au

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