UEA Joins the Mates in Construction Program

UEA has joined the Mates in Construction (MIC) program. MIC aims to reduce the extremely high suicide rates we currently experience in the industry. On average we lose a construction worker every second day to suicide! A construction worker is six times more likely to die from suicide than from a construction accident and a young worker is ten times more likely. MIC provides workers with the skills to identify signs of depression and keep a person safe while connecting them to the appropriate help. All of UEA’s employees completed the “General Awareness Training” and a further ten workers went on to do “Connector” training.

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HSEQ – UEA Update

As part of UEA AS4801 ongoing commitment to provide our client base with a superior product, we have undertaken a number of significant training courses for all drill operatives associated with horizontal directional drilling (HDD) and thrust boring. All drill operatives have completed the Certificate III in Drilling Operations and additionally our Supervisors have also completed the Certificate IV qualification. The certification was completed in conjunction with NSW TAFE.

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