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Surface Mining Animation: Vermeer T1655 terrain leveller strip mining/bulk excavation methodology

UEA Civil & Mining uses Vermeer surface mining machines for the selective mining of multiple, varying seam thickness for better grade control and increased delivery of high grade ore with minimal dilution. The consistent material produced by surface mining eliminates the need for primary crushers, large loaders and large haul trucks. End material is transportable by regular highway trucks or conveyors. The patented tilt attachment tilts 5 degrees in either direction allowing for cutting to grade and smooth pit floors. This attachment can also cut square corners and vertical walls allowing you to get in and extract material close to the high wall.

UEA Civil & Mining Corporate Video

In 2008 UEA Civil and Mining was established to offer a service to surface and underground mining companies, road and rail builders, land developers or any construction company that requires large volume rock removal for site preparation or production. UEA do this by specialising in terrain leveling and surface mining technology.

UEA Trial New Dust Suppression System

UEA Civil & Mining have designed and developed a new built in dust suppression system for the Vermeer T1255 Terrain Leveler to meet strict EPA guidelines for dust control during bulk rock excavation and civil construction projects. The new dust suppression system was recently trialed with success on the Princes Highway upgrade near Gerringong, NSW. Learn more about this project, visit

Butt-Fusion welding of 1200mm PN16 HDPE water main

Regardless of pipe size and pressure rating the process of Butt-Fusion welding of PE is the same. This video details the various processes required to join lengths of HDPE pipe, 1200mm PN16 water main in this instance, the largest ever joined in Australasia.

Vermeer T1255 Terrain Leveller – Milling Wet Tuff

Vermeer T1255 surface miner milling at 600mm cut depth in flooded Tuff at Ellendale Diamond Mine, Kimberley, Western Australia during a trial in 2010.

Vermeer T1255 Terrain Leveller – Milling Sandstone

Vermeer T1255 surface miner milling at 600mm cut depth in highly abrasive Sandstone at Ellendale Diamond Mine, Kimberley, Western Australia during a trial in 2010.

Wirtgen 2500 Surface Miner

Wirtgen 2500 SM surface miner in ‘wind rowing’ configuration, milling at 200mm cut depth in Iron Ore - Pilbara, Western Australia

Vermeer T1255 Terrain Leveller – Manoeuvrability Demonstration

Vermeer T1255 surface miner demonstrating its high manoeuvrability and stability due to its dual track configuration provided by its Caterpillar excavator undercarriage.

Vermeer T1255 Terrain Leveller – Mining Magmatic Deposits

Vermeer T1255 surface miner milling diamondiferous Tuff at a rate of 350+BCM per hour during a trial in 2010 at Ellendale Diamond Mine, Kimberley Western Australia.

UEA Civil and Mining Corporate Video

UEA Civil and Mining general introductory corporate video