UEA trial biggest ever Surface Mining machine

Posted 28 October 2011

UEA Civil & Mining is currently operating and maintaining the first Vermeer T1655 Surface Mining prototype as part of a 3 month trial at an iron ore mine site in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

UEA Civil & Mining have worked closely with Vermeer Manufacturing during the research and development phase of the new T1655 Surface Miner.  UEA has an unsurpassed level of experience operating and maintaining surface mining machinery, and it is this experience that has helped Vermeer build the first ever Terrain Leveler purpose built for mining applications.

The T1655 is the first surface mining machine to have direct hydraulic drive to the drum. The direct drive removes the ability to cut flush, but delivers more power to the drum. The additional power enables the T1655 to cut harder materials more productively compared to its predecessor, the T1255. It is also the first surface mining machine to have the vacuum dust suppression system mounted completely on the attachment.

The Vermeer T1655 Surface Miner was developed to provide a more productive surface mining machine to meet expanding market requirements, especially in the iron ore mining industry and the coal mining industry.

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