UEA Trenchless Purchase MTS Slurry Microtunneling Unit

Posted 21 September 2012

UEA Trenchless has purchased a mts1000S/M/L slurry microtunneling unit expanding its existing tunneling capabilities. This microtunneling machine gives UEA the ability to install pipe in difficult soil conditions where ground water is present. It is suitable for very long distances and large diameters and is the most reliable tunnelling solution for all ground conditions.

In difficult soil with high levels of ground water, a slurry system is essential. In the ‘cutter head’ the excavated spoil is mixed with water and is then transported to the surface. Here, water and spoil get separated and the water maintains in the slurry circuit. UEA have a full suite of unique cutter heads that can operate in four different modes according to the ground condition.

The MTS 1000S/M/L slurry microtunneling unit has the following capabilities:

  • Pipe jacking
  • Diameter: DN350mm – DN2000mm
  • Jacking length: Max. 350m
  • Face access from ID1200

A variety of pipe materials can be installed including VC, Hobas, Polycrete, Naylor Denloc and reinforced concrete jacking pipe.

UEA’s tunneling division specialises in:

  • Slurry Microtunneling TBM
  • Pilot Tube Microtunneling GBM
  • Auger Boring / Thrust Boring
  • Pipe Jacking
  • Pipe Ramming

Whichever trenchless construction method you require UEA has the equipment and the expertise to deliver your project, for more information please email trenchless@uea.com.au