UEA Trenchless Completes Two Water Main Installation for Lismore City Council

Posted 23 June 2014

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UEA Trenchless was contracted by Lismore City Council for two water main installations, forming the early part of  two separate council infrastructure projects. Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) was the chosen solution used for each contract.

Ballina Road

Ahead of road widening to accommodate a turning lane, it was necessary to install a new 250mm PE water main across Ballina Road. Due to the high traffic volume and restricted working hours a conventional open cut installation was not suitable. HDD was the chosen solution for its minimal inconvenience.

The road crossing was completed using an AT3020 HDD rig. The next stage required the new main to be connected to the existing 300mm water main during a programmed shutdown. Due to the confined area that the connection crew had to work in the polyethylene  bends were prefabricated to enable easy bolt-on installation to the flanged fittings during the shutdown.


Molesworth Street

The second project was the installation of a new 250mm Polyethylene (PE) water main of approximately 60 metres in length at Molesworth Street, Lismore.

This road crossing was also installed using the UEA AT3020 HDD rig. The new alignment had to take into account a new traffic roundabout under construction at the time, whilst meeting the 1200mm depth-of-cover requirement.

When installed, all connections were completed during two shutdowns. The two shutdowns were utilised to ensure that a fire service to a local greyhound track had minimal disruption and that traffic congestion across Sims Bridge was minimised.


For both projects, UEA Trenchless offered a complete service of internal crews, including assistance in design, pipe-welding, HDD, sullage transport, civil works to install fittings and connections to existing services, and concrete restoration.

Further information

For more details about the Lismore City Council project and similar jobs completed by UEA Trenchless, please contact us. An overview of Horizontal Directional Drilling is available at our Technical Centre.