UEA Trenchless Awarded Underbore ITS Contact for Westconnex Stage 1A – M4 Widening

Posted 8 June 2016

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UEA has just been awarded the Underbore ITS contract for WestConnex Stage 1A – M4 widening. WestConnex Stage 1A is a part of the larger 33 kilometre WestConnex motorway project linking Sydney’s west and south west with the city, airport and port.

A provision of the road infrastructure upgrade for the M4 is to install the Intelligent Transport System (ITS). ITS describes the system used to transfer crucial information around the road network and enable a telecommunication link to improve emergency response, environmental performance and travel information to road users.

This project requires the installation of electrical and communication cables under the existing live road network. UEA will install banks of communication and electrical conduits for the ITS with no disturbance to the existing roadway and road user by completing horizontal directional drilling (HDD) with the Ditchwitch AT3020 Rig. This machine is compact enough to manoeuvre difficult or congested sites whilst providing the ability to install large banks of conduits in mixed ground conditions. HDD technology enables UEA to reduce disturbance to live traffic, local community and minimise restoration requirements.

The transient nature of a project like the M4 widening requires a flexible and integrated approach to delivery. UEA offers a variety of skillsets in the construction phase to assist the client in completing the works. This has involved the modification of entry/exit locations, site set ups, HDD lengths and the combination of day and night shifts to align completion with the overall construction program.

For more information about this project, or other Trenchless projects, contact our team on 02 9851 3000 or email trenchless@uea.com.au.

M4 ITS AT3020 site setup
M4 ITS AT3020 site setup