UEA Trenchless Awarded HDD Underbores on Bringelly Road Upgrade Project

Posted 3 July 2016

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UEA’s Trenchless Division has been awarded the design and construct of eight horizontal directional drilling (HDD) underbores on The Bringelly Road Upgrade project. The scope of work involves the design and construction of 1.2 kilometres of a DN200 diameter secondary pressure steel gas main. This project is a part of the broader Bringelly Road upgrade works being delivered through the Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan.

The Western Sydney Infrastructure Plan has seen the commitment of $3.6 billion in funding from the Australian and NSW governments to build roads and infrastructure in the surrounding South West growth centre. As part of this ten year road improvement plan, the government has funded the $509 million upgrade of the 10 kilometres of Bringelly Road between Camden Valley Way and the Northern Road (stages 1 and 2).

The principal has specified the use of steel pipe for this project. This has added a level of complexity when designing and constructing the project as steel pipes have a strict allowable bend radius (minimum radius one can bend a pipe) that limits the flexibility of the bore profile during design phase and acceptable tolerances whilst completing the works. However, UEA has the experience and capability in design and construct to assist clients with producing a constructible and compliant bore design. UEA Trenchless has been awarded the design of all eight gas pipelines and the team is able to complete these bore designs inline with the ever changing site conditions experienced on site as part of the road building construction. All eight bore designs for Bringelly Road are to be completed in association with the utility provider and primary contractor.

Taking into consideration the design constraints due to pipe material, working under live road networks and the length of bores required, UEA has chosen to utilise the All Terrain 3020 and Vermeer 6090 HDD Rigs. These drill rigs offer the best combination of tractability and manoeuvrability required to install steel mains within design parameters in variant ground conditions.

For more details on this project or on UEA’s horizontal directional drilling projects, contact the Trenchless team at trenchless@uea.com.au or call us on 02 9851 3000.