UEA Trenchless Awarded Glenorie Galston HDD Project

Posted 24 March 2015

Galston and Glenorie are two unsewered urban villages to receive improved wastewater services as part of the Priority Sewerage Program (PSP) set by the NSW Government. The villages are to be serviced by 30 June 2015.

Scope of Works

The package of work consists of:

• Approximately 13,500m DN50-125 PE reticulation transfer mains within the villages of Galston and Glenorie

• Approximately 6,400m of DN125; approximately 5.700m of DN180 and approximately 1,200m of DN200 PE transfer main

• Approximately 1,000m of DN63 PE reticulation main from Galston Village to service Galston High School and Galston Aquatic and Leisure Centre

UEA has been awarded the HDD component of the scope by the successful civils contractor, Comdain. As part of the scope UEA intends to install over 4,000 metres of grade critical transfer main and 12,000 metres of reticulation main predominantly in sandstone.

HDD works commenced in January 2015 and are due for completion by the middle of May 2015.