UEA sends 160 tonne Thrust Boring rig to Cairns

Posted 29 August 2011

UEA Trenchless will be mobilising its largest thrust boring machine to complete thrust boring works on the T01 Rising Main for Bailey Civil Construction in Cairns. Commencing in August 2011, UEA has been contracted to install 1000mm diameter steel envelope pipe using thrust boring methodology in nine separate locations ranging from 20 metres to 75 metres.

The project is a challenging one with deep crossings that will encounter a lot of ground water, which is typical in and around Cairns. Bailey Civil Construction has a proven de-watering system that will be put in place to manage all boring pits. Thrust boring is the preferred method for this project due to rail crossing specifications and the Department of Main Roads specifications that state a steel envelope pipe must be installed.

UEA will mobilise its’ large thrust boring machine once it has completed the Monaro Highway crossing in Canberra for BMD.

UEA have previously worked alongside Bailey Civil Construction on the recently completed Fitzroy River to Yeppoon Water Pipeline Project for Rockhampton Regional Council. To complete this project UEA used its 80 tonne and 160 tonne thrust boring machines – capable of drilling 300mm to 1025mm diameter holes. To read more about this project click here.