UEA Electrical Design & Construct Metcash Logistics Centre

Posted 16 September 2013


While UEA Electrical had already been awarded the level 3 design for the new Metcash logistics centre at Huntingwood Drive, Eastern Creek, the company has now also been awarded the contract for the associated level 1 construction works and has since commenced works onsite.

UEA Electrical worked very closely with the customers various consultants in order to identify specific load requirements and developed a method of supply for the site that presented the most economical and practical solution for obtaining supply. A design was then developed for the project and was guided through the certification process in order to allow construction works to proceed uninhibited.

On the back of the UEA Electrical design team successfully gaining certification with Endeavour Energy for the new design, the construction division now has its sights set on delivering the new indoor substation and associated civil and cabling works ahead of schedule.

The scope of works for this project includes:

  • Installation of 12 x 4.8m earth rods for common earthing system
  • Excavation of 532m of open trench
  • Direct lay 1,205m 11kV 240mm XLPE Cu3 in open trench
  • Direct lay 380m bare earth to new 9.8m earth electrode in open trench
  • Install 2 x straight through joint
  • Install 70mm counterpoise earth from indoor substation to pillar
  • Installation of 2 x 1,500kVA indoor transformers
  • Installation of 2 x RM6 RMU’s
  • Installation of 2 x LV circuit breakers
  • Interconnection of all HV and LV cables
  • Installation and termination of earthing and earth bars
  • Install 2 x HV straight through joints onto existing feeder
  • Phase test and commission

This project represents a change in methodology for underground works in the Endeavour Energy franchise area, with all new cable installed via the direct buried method, rather than hauled through conduits. This presents many additional areas of risk; however UEA Electrical is confident with its process and methodology and expects the project to be completed successfully by December 2013.