UEA Electrical Completes Stage 1 Works for RMS Schofields Road Upgrade

Posted 15 October 2015

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is undertaking an upgrade and extension of Schofields Road, which will connect Windsor Road and Richmond Road. UEA Electrical was engaged by OHL and Abergeldie to carry out electrical works in the first two stages of the project.

Stage one of the project included work between Windsor Road and Ridgeline Drive. The project was about 2.4 kilometres long of a road widening, which involved relocating the existing infrastructure and putting all existing overhead network underground. UEA Electrical installed electrical conduits down both sides of the road, carried out all of the road crossings, and installed new substations and cables. There was also a major street lighting portion of the job, where about 90 street lights were installed.

The project was carried out in three stages. The westbound carriageway was formed first, and then traffic was switched onto that carriageway when the eastbound carriageway was developed. The final stage involved developing the median.

UEA Electrical installed the following:

  • 3,300 metres of conduits
  • 4 kilometres of high voltage cable
  • About 2.5 kilometres of low voltage cable
  • About 8,000 metres of street lighting cable

One of the challenges faced was taking the construction drawing, which was designed for the completion of the project, and using this throughout the project when temporary works were required. It was critical to maintain traffic flow throughout the project, so UEA performed and implemented temporary works so the project could flow on and no one went without power during construction of the road.

This first stage of the project was finalised in June 2014. Stage 2 of this project is underway currently and involves working on an existing part of Schofields Road as well as one new kilometre which will go through Greenfield Area.