UEA Electrical commissions new Kiosk Substation

Posted 27 July 2012

UEA Electrical has recently commissioned a new kiosk substation for a NSW power authority which will provide power for a new Hungry Jacks restaurant to be built on the site at Engadine. The commissioning of the new kiosk is a significant milestone within the Level 1 ASP project which also includes underground cabling and street lighting.

This was a challenging electrical construction project which required detailed project management plans in order to mitigate a number of risk factors and ensure the project was delivered successfully. Due to a tight timeframe, a number of different service providers were working onsite simultaneously installing the necessary infrastructure for the project. Being located on a busy stretch of the Princess Highway in the Sydney suburb of Engadine provided added complications.

The tight timeframe, busy construction site and high traffic area meant the project required careful planning and coordination. Night works were scheduled to ensure UEA was able to install the underground cables and street lights correctly with minimal impact to the public, surrounding businesses and traffic flow on the Princess Highway. UEA Electrical liaised with key stakeholders including the RTA, the NSW power authority, Sutherland Shire Council and surrounding businesses to deliver what was a successful outcome for all parties.

UEA Electrical is due to complete the electrical construction project later this month.