UEA Electrical Begins Stage 2 Works for RMS Schofields Road Upgrade

Posted 19 October 2015

Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is in the process of upgrading and extending Schofields Road. UEA Electrical has worked on stage 1 of the project, completed in June 2014. The second stage of the project is currently in progress, and UEA Electrical has been engaged by OHL and York Civil.

This section of the road is four kilometres in length. The first three kilometres involve working alongside the existing Schofields Road, where the majority of overhead and underground network is to be relocated. The final kilometre is a brand new road, which tunnels under the existing rail line, and into a greenfield area; as this final kilometre is a new road, there are no existing assets to relocate.

UEA Electrical is installing the following:

  • 9,500 metres of electrical conduit
  • 35 kilometres of street lighting cable
  • 5 kilometres of low voltage cable
  • 5 kilometres of high voltage cable
  • Three substations (all 315 kVA)
  • One pole mounted substation (200 kVA)
  • 195 street lights
  • Two cat pits
  • One transmission front bay

UEA has already installed transmission conduits, which run down the middle of the road for future connection to a new substation that is being built (this was done on behalf of Endeavour Energy and OHL). The transmission conduits were 200 mm HD, with a direct buried 120 m² copper earth at the bottom of the trench.