UEA Electrical Awarded Site Enabling Works for the Northern Beaches Hospital

Posted 25 February 2015

The project is extremely complex from a staging point of view, seeing detailed planning for the correct construction sequence to ensure the integrity of the surrounding distribution network. There are many challenges, including detailed overhead augmentation works along principal arterial corridors requiring many of these works to be performed at night. This augmentation work has been performed seeing minimal impact to customers electricity supply by performing the majority of works with the existing electricity network “live”. This has taken an incredible amount of detailed planning to ensure the safe and successful execution of this part of the project. Further to this, the project works incorporate a huge civil operation to install a variety of ducts (encased in thermal stabilised bedding) to allow final relocation and configuration of the surrounding electricity network.

UEA Electrical has substantially expedited the project works and acheived final network configuration in January, 2015.

This is a significant achievement seeing the following installed-

  • Pole replacements and relocations
  • Augmentation of LV ABC, SL ABC and open wire HV mains
  • Installation of CCT HV overhead mains
  • Installation of 800kVA kiosk substation
  • Installation of over 1.5km of underground ducts
  • Installation of detailed HDD bore under protected tree environment
  • Installation of 500 Al3 + 300 triplex 11kV U/G cabling
  • HV jointing and terminations
  • HV & LV UGOH’s
  • Customer distribution board
  • Customer lighting installation
  • Removal of existing LV, HV & transmission electricity network upon relocation of these assets

While this project will be a challenging exercise for the UEA Electrical team considering the large scope and tight timeframes, our philosophy of thoroughly planning our projects will ensure that the deadlines are met and another client satisfied.

For more information on this project or to understand how UEA Electrical can help on your next electrical infrastructure project, please contact us atelectrical@uea.com.au or call 9851 3000.