UEA Electrical Achieves Major Transmission Milestone

Posted 30 July 2014


UEA Electrical has completed a major milestone on our Western Sydney transmission substation project. This has seen the 33kV bus and switchgear energised after the commissioning of 3 x 132/33kV power transformers and associated apparatus.

“This is a significant milestone for the project” says UEA Electrical Project Manager, Alan Harding. “We have now commenced cutting over and commissioning of each of the 19 x 33kV feeders out of the old substation yard into the new transmission substation and can now program for successful completion of both 132kV and 33kV stages of the project in full.”

This achievement has seen the input of many highly skilled persons through detailed planning and coordination. The site remains one of safety excellence, with zero LTI’s and MTI’s to date on a difficult brownfields project. This is a testament to both the site team and Alan Harding.

The second half of 2014 will see the project continue along at a rapid pace in order to achieve practical completion by the end of the year. The challenge remains the same for the project team though in continuing to deliver the highest quality and safety standards while meeting or exceeding the projects tight program.