UEA Civil & Mining’s Secondary Overburden Removal Project

Posted 18 December 2014

overburn-projectLocation:  Pinjarra Area, WA

Mine Site:  Huntly Mine

Year:  2012 – Ongoing

Contract Particulars: Terrain levelling and SOBR backfill

Ore Type:  Bauxite/Caprock

Geology:  Pisolitic formation (sedimentary rock made of pisoids)

LTI free days:  ~600

AS4801: Full compliance

ISO 9001: Full compliance

ISO 14001: Full compliance

Tonnage total: 800hrs (ongoing) 

Since 2012, UEA Civil & Mining have been engaged to make dieback-free material in-situ to backfill the treacherously uneven caprock creating an area over which a drill rig could tram for the purposes of drill and blast.

During this process, no backfill material was placed in the area, with all of the material created in-situ and dieback-free. Works also included work at a pit where there were concerns about safe access for dump trucks and their ability to maintain stability whilst dumping material to spread in preparation for drilling rigs due to then extremely steep gradient.

UEA Civil & Mining attended the location, and following further planning and discussion, determined that due to the Vermeer 1255’s low centre of gravity and increased stability the machine was the safest and best option for this work.