UEA Civil & Mining Awarded Third Track Alliance Excavation Works Contract for Sydney Metro Freight Capacity Expansion Project

Posted 18 April 2014


Vermeer T1255 being used for bulk sandstone removal inside live rail corridor Sydney NSW.

The project, in North Western Sydney, forms part of Transport New South Wales’ Northern Sydney Freight Corridor Program and represents the first use of a Vermeer T1255 for track duplication within a Sydney rail corridor.

UEA Civil & Mining commenced work in February 2014 with construction involving 6km of new and upgraded track work within the rail corridor between Epping and Thornleigh Stations, at the western side of existing tracks. The project requires track duplication with the existing line, in close proximity to the new alignment.

Currently, passenger trains have priority over interstate containers during the day time. The new, third track will separate northbound freight from all-stops passenger train movements along the steep incline between Epping and Thornleigh. The additional capacity provided for northbound interstate freight trains is designed to remove present mobility restrictions and provide permanently unimpeded transit to interstate containers.

One challenge of this project was that conventional drill and blast and rock-removal techniques cannot be used in an urban environment operate.  UEA Civil & Mining’s solution, to use the Vermeer 1255 Terrain Leveller is also ideal for track duplication projects where the existing rail line has to remain live.

Details of UEA Civil & Mining technology and a full project portfolio can be found here. For information specific to the freight capacity expansion project, call us on 08 9248 9112 or complete our online enquiry form for a quick response.