UEA Civil and Mining’s Scalping Project

Posted 25 November 2014

scalping-projectLocation:  Pinjarra, WA

Mine Site:  Huntly Mine

Year:  2014

Contract Particulars: Scalping trial for Boab East 17 x 2 cuts

Ore Type:  Bauxite/Caprock

Geology:  Pisolitic formation (sedimentary rock made of pisoids)

LTI free days: 7

AS4801: Full compliance

ISO 9001: Full compliance

ISO 14001: Full compliance 

Tonnage total:  1.6Ha

In May 2014, UEA Civil & Mining was engaged to undertake a trial to Scalp the Boab East 17 pit.

Scalping is a relatively new process where the ore bodies are cleared and stripped of their overburden down to the hard surface cap rock caps. This leaves an undulating surface which the Vermeer, due to its low centre of gravity, can easily traverse. The Vermeer’s Trimble GCS900 system can also be programmed to cut to a pre-set depth.

This process removed the need for Secondary Overburden Removal (SOBR) diggers to remove the soft material between the hard rock caps which can be a time consuming task.

This was the first trial of scalping work done for Alcoa and as a result, led to the formation of the 12-month Scalping Request of Quotation.