UEA and Direct Hit complete HDD works at Agnes Water/Seventeen Seventy

Posted 11 November 2011

UEA Trenchless was contracted by TRILITY for the final Horizontal Directional Drilling component of the new Desalination Plant being constructed for Agnes Waters/1770. The scope required the installation of a 600 metre section of 630mm PE pipe for the raw sea water intake.

TRILITY was originally contracted to provide new infrastructure for the towns of Agnes Water and Seventeen Seventy, including a new waste water treatment facility and a desalination plant. The new infrastructure will service both townships, reducing reliance on local bores for drinking water.

The project comprises of the design, construction, operation and maintenance of a new RO seawater desalination plant, with associated infrastructure. The desalination plant will have a capacity of 1.5 ML/day with the potential of being upgraded to 7.5 Ml/day. Also involved in the project is the Operation and Maintenance of existing facilities, which includes two water treatment plants that are bore water supplied and a lagoon sewage treatment system and irrigation system.

The project had one main component to be completed by the turtle season of 2011, which was to install the last ocean outfall pipeline for the raw sea water intake using Horizontal Directional Drilling. UEA and Direct Hit joined forces to install the 600 metre section of ocean outfall pipeline using a 1.1 million pound Horizontal Directional Drill. TRILITY had a very short time frame to finalise the installation due to the high importance of the turtle season which meant no work activity on or near the beach after October 2011. In addition to the tight program, tooling had to be sourced at short notice from the U.S.A. to cut through the rocky ground conditions and divers backed up by local barges were contracted to complete the underwater connections of the rock tooling.

The product pipe was successfully installed on time and within specification – largely due to the high standard of professionalism shown on site by the UEA and Direct Hit employees