Surface Mining Fleet Continues to Grow

Posted 30 March 2012

surface-mining-fleet-continues-to-growUEA’s surface mining fleet now consists of 12 machines – predominantly Vermeer 1255 Surface Mining units. Surface Mining has traditionally been seen as ‘truck and shovel’ operations but the increased uptake in this technology combined with UEA’s commitment to surface mining has seen a re think within the industry as to the capability of this technique.

Some key aspects of the Vermeer T1255 Surface Mining Machine:

  • Cutting Width: 3.7 meters
  • Cutting depth: 0.7 meters
  • Engine rating: 600 HP
  • Machine weight: 110 tonne
  • Can be used for windrowing
  • Highly manoeuvrable

The terrain leveling attachment is a rotating ground engagement tool that uses an array of picks to break the rock into a 150mm down aggregate. The attachment can raise, lower and tilt independently of the tractor. This means that cross-falls can be milled perpendicular to the direction of travel. The ground engagement tool is the widest section of the whole machine, allowing milling against vertical walls.