RMS Road Upgrade Project Award – Old Wallgrove Road – Stage 4 Completed

Posted 22 October 2015

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Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) is in the process of widening Old Wallgrove Road, between Roberts Road and the M7 Motorway, in order to ease traffic in the area. UEA Electrical has been engaged by Daracon to undertake the replacement of distribution and transmission of overhead and underground assets that are affected in this upgrade.

UEA’s engagement in the project is split into four different stages. Stage 4 has been completed and stages 1-3 are in progress.

Stage 4 involved temporary works, where assets were relocated in order for the first construction stage of road widening to begin. UEA Electrical has been engaged in complete end to end management.

This stage of the project included installation of the following:

  • 360 metres of trenching and installation of conduits and distribution assets
  • 450 metres of 11 kV and 22 kV underground cables
  • 250 metres of low voltage 240mm underground cables
  • 270 metres of 25 mm street lighting
  • 410 metres of new overhead conductors, including 15 new poles
  • 7 new street lights with brackets

UEA also decommissioned and removed approximately 200 metres of overhead, including poles and conductors. Throughout the project, UEA Electrical performed underground jointing, including straight through joints, nine underground to overhead connections (UGOH) and four low voltage underground to overhead connections (UGOH), as well as all of the associated earthing with the poles.

UEA has maintained temporary supply throughout this process with the use of generators and other means to facilitate the road construction program. In order for this work to progress UEA Electrical completed temporary designs to enable the project staging to meet construction timelines.

Stages 1-3 of the project are currently in progress:

  • Stage 1 involves relocating the 132 kV transmission line along Old Wallgrove Road, including concrete poles, street lighting assets and high and low voltage assets.
  • Stage 2 includes the underground installation of the 11kV distribution conduits and cables and installation of all 33kV underground conduits. This requires several underbores, which UEA Trenchless will undertake.
  • Stage 3 involves the replacement and relocation of two 132 kV transmission poles.

UEA’s involvement in the project is estimated to finish at the end of December 2015; the overall project is set to be completed around August 2016.